Welcome to the Orphan Relief Network

Orphan Relief Network is a Public Benefit Non-Profit Corporation that brings relief to orphans in near death situations as a result of abandonment that produced physical, social and intellectual poverty in their lives.



How It All Started

Orphan Relief Network's story began in 2005 when a small group of caring individuals from their local church raised funds to travel to Liberia for a humanitarian trip. Shortly after arriving, they realized the overwhelming need at each orphanage and wanted to help meet these urgent needs. Through their collaborative efforts they worked over the next 6 years to raise funds to feed 500 orphan children 2 times daily, provide clothing and footwear, build and repair buildings, install latrines, dig water wells, purchase property, relocate orphanages, and establish orphanage gardens. Other needed supplies such as, medicines, cooking utensils, mosquito nets, bunk beds, mattresses and bedding have also been purchased. When unable to meet all of these needs in each of the 8 orphanages it became evident that funding would need to come from other interested donors outside the local church. Thus ORN was established for this purpose.